Challenge: Buy nothing I don’t need for 1 week.


Starting on: 12/14/2020 – 12/20/2020

Seems like a simple challenge, but it is step one for someone living with compulsive shopping disorder. Thus, the challenge is to buy NOTHING I do not NEED. And to avoid myself fucking over myself, I need to define the rules.

So listen up self:

  • NEED: Food – But only what is needed for the week.
  • NEED: Laundry/Dish Soap.
  • NEED: Personal hygiene needs, but only if what you have is empty.
  • NEED: Gas, but only if you’re under half a tank.
  • NEED: Medication that is prescribed to you.

Nothing else is really a need. Can you think of something I missed?

Update 12/21/2020

I MOSTLY did it! It is the holidays and I did buy my daughter new hiking boots after hers gave her blisters and hurt her feet after 3-4 hikes. Tried changing socks, that didn’t work. So. New boots happened.

Other than that, I did it. I bought nothing I didn’t absolutely need for a whole week. It feels great. There are definitely things I wanted, and I did use today (the day the challenge ended) to go ahead and get a couple last minute Christmas gifts. But I think I will do another challenge now!

Last modified: December 21, 2020

One Response to " Challenge: Buy nothing I don’t need for 1 week. "

  1. justarealgrlslife says:

    It’s already difficult, lol. I keep trying to make deals with myself like ok hurry up and buy that crap before the 14th! I am pretty sure that is cheating. And I don’t want more crap damn it! Its like BUYING stuff makes me happy. Having to look at said stuff does not. Humans are so complicated.

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