Challenge: Hike 5 miles a week for the winter!


Alright, gals and guys. This challenge is legit. We are going to hike at least 5 miles a week for the winter. This challenge begins on December 21, 2020. It ends on March 20th, 2021. That is South Dakota Winter for you! Can you hang? Let’s find out!

PS: I wanted to do 10 miles but my daughter decided she would join me!! I am so excited! However, she is just starting out in her fitness journey so we wanted a length that would challenge her but not defeat her 🙂 As she gets further a long, we will raise the bar! Wish us luck!

Getting a Head Start Even! (Extra Credit, y’all) – Scroll down for links to the stories about the trails if you’re interested!

Update 12/20: – Just an update! You can see that we have been meeting our goal even before the challenge starts officially tomorrow 🙂 Woohoo! The Black Hills are really an under rated destination for hikers. They are just low key gorgeous. Looking forward to keeping up our challenge as long as we don’t all have to get locked down for COVID 🙁

  1. Horsethief Lake Loop
  2. Afternoon Hike – Iron Mountain There and Back
  3. Spring Creek and Flume Loop
  4. Grace Coolidge Fishing Area Trail

Total miles logged BEFORE the challenge began: 31.1


  1. Amphitheatre Trail – 12/23/2020
  2. Lover’s Leap Trail – 12/26/2020
  3. Pactola Lake Out and Back Trail – 12/28/2020
  4. Buzzard’s Roost – 12/30/2020
  5. Bear Gulch Trail – 01/02/2021
  6. Homestake Trail – 01/10/2021
  7. Flume Trail – 01/16/2021
  8. Horse Thief Lake Trail – 01/24/2021
  9. Dalton Lake – 01/30/2021
  10. Horse Thief Lake – 02/20/2021
  11. Horse Thief Lake Loop – 03/06/2021
  12. Lover’s Leap – 03/13/2021
  13. Coon Hollow & Boulder Hill Loop w/Boulder Hill CLIMB – 03/20/2021 LAST HIKE OF WINTER!

Update 02/05/2021: We are having a hard time getting out during the deep freeze happening here. Sadly, we have not been able to hike for a bit. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon!

Update 3/20/2021: Here we are end of winter! Let’s see how we did on our challenge, and we off to a new one with the SPRING HIKING CHALLENGE (which may include some Yellowstone! OMG!) So we did a total of 61.9 Miles of hiking over the winter. Combined with the extra credit we did prior of 31.1 miles – we get a total of 93 miles hiked from November 2020 till March 2021. It has been AMAZING and we made a ton of memories in the Black Hills. We hope to make some more before we leave for Scotland.

Last modified: March 21, 2021

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