Challenge: Work Resolution: Make a Meaningful Change


My goal here is a little ambiguous. I work for a company that I love. I am so grateful to them for everything they have allowed me to accomplish. I want to give back. I want to make a meaningful change. Something that can be pointed at and the value of it can be seen and measured. Here is my statement:

I resolve to make a meaningful, positive and measurable change at my place of employment in the year 2021.

Last modified: December 30, 2020

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  1. Justa Realgrl says:

    Over the holidays, I have created a focus list to show my boss when we get back to the office. This list contains 8 things I think are really important to our business/company and my initial plans for how I think I can have a positive impact on those areas. I will present it to him and see what he says. If he agrees with my areas of focus and my general approaches to address them, I will then create solid plans of my initiatives. 🙂

  2. Justa Realgrl says:

    So far, this year I think I have been doing well on this challenge!

    1. Implemented a Design Thinking Workshop series that has introduced 63 people in the company to the mindset.
    2. Have coached a couple of sales persons who are now killing their monthly targets using Design Thinking.
    3. Have brought, so far, 12 innovative ideas to my company and their products.
    4. Am currently personally coaching 4 people who have great Design Thinking potential.
    5. Am currently helping to reimagine the company’s flagship product.

  3. Justa Realgrl says:

    Its always a struggle to keep up momentum, but I am doing my best! Great ideas continue to flow. I love innovation. Interest in Design Thinking is also growing and myself along with the Head of Creative/UX are working closely together to make a real difference in some of the biggest products the company offers.

    I passed my Harvard Disruptive Innovation course and received the certificate which I am insanely proud of having. I can’t wait to have the time, energy, and money to take another course. Meanwhile, I am eyeing some courses offered through Coursera. But time/energy 🙁

    The amazing people I work with continue to motivate and inspire me. I hope my upcoming trip to the Tetons/Yellowstone will recharge my spirit to continue on the path to achieving this challenge.

  4. Justa Realgrl says:

    My trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons gave me a teaching. As I was hiking up the side of this mountain in 3ft snow while it was below freezing and snowing on me, I realized something. I have limits. And that’s ok. I have long looked at “limits” as weakness. What do you mean I can’t work 18 hours a day, every day and not get burned out? What do you mean I can’t do everything for everyone and have wellness? To me saying “I can’t go any further” was like… quitting. My trip to the Tetons gave me the teachings of being at peace with having limits. Because if I push myself too far, though I may make it to the end, I won’t accomplish what I set out to do. Definitely not the quality I would want to do. No. Limits are not weakness. They are truth. Pushing past them can be good on occasion, but not past the limits of your limits all the time, every day.

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