Coon Hollow & Boulder Hill Loop


This trail has a special place for me because it was my first attempt at using the “create your own map” feature in the Alltrails app. This is a wonderful feature that let’s you basically connect trails however you like to produce the hike of your own making. For this one, I connected two trails; Coon Hollow and Boulder Hill to create a loop. I then added an “out and back” up Boulder Hill itself.

Holy wow.

This was a gorgeous hike the first half. The second half was nice, just nothing to really write home about. But the first half was amazing. We now do this trail “out and back” along the first half, up Boulder Hill, then back again. It’s 8 miles of pure wow. Speaking of wow… let’s talk about Boulder Hill.

This may be my favorite spot in all of the Black Hills. So after you hike four miles to get to it, you climb, I do mean climb, up rocks to get the peak of Boulder Hill where the vistas are just incredible. There are many different spots you can find as you go up to enjoy the view and it’s absolutely stunning. Probably the best Hard Rock Cafe we have found. I expect we will be returning to this trail over and over, which I probably already gave away by comment above regarding “we now do it out and back”, heh!

The sheer number of pictures I took should tell you something about how gorgeous this trail was, and the pictures never do it justice. Ever. But here is a go at it.

The first climb is up to “Airforce Vista” which is nice, but is quickly forgotten when you get to the actual Boulder Hill.

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Last modified: April 20, 2021

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