Lover’s Leap, The Second


The weather is getting a little bit better, but there are still a lot of road closures and trail closures. We decided to give Lover’s Leap another visit since we love the hard rock cafe there so much 🙂 – Didn’t let us down. The Black Hills never do. Was a wonderful walk except for the people with their dogs off leash that came charging up at us growling and barking. Its really dangerous for the dog. Someone may get scared and mace, tase, or even shoot your dog as it comes growling and barking and charging at them. Please, leash your dog.

We were greeted by a big herd of big horn sheep which was really neat to see. The walk was wonderful, the lunch on the top of a cliff was amazing and I will never get sick of the Black Hills.

It snow/rained on us on the way back, which we enjoyed. Probably because we were prepared with rain coats. It would not have been great without those! Always pack a rain coat!

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Last modified: April 19, 2021

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