Spring Hiking Challenge: Hike 6.5 Miles Per Week


Ok! We are back with another Hiking Challenge! Our Last one which was the Winter Hiking Challenge went well. We got in 93 miles of hikes from November – March. That’s a little longer than the official Winter time which is December 21st – March 20th. Spring has “officially” started here in South Dakota as of March 20th so we are kicking off this spring hiking challenge which lasts until June 20th!


This should be an exciting one as we will be able to get to some of the trails that were not accessible during the winter due to poor road travel or where there were a lot of people and no masks being worn. Further… dare I say… with our second dose of the COVID vaccine coming up, we may.. might.. mayhaps… BE GOING TO YELLOWSTONE FOR FOUR DAYS!!! I am very excited and hopeful that we can make that happen. I really need to go before we leave for Scotland.

We also got an Akaso “go pro” style video camera. Let’s see if we actually do something with it 🙂

At any rate! The spring hiking challenge has begun! Follow me on the absolutely AMAZING Alltrails.com site/app!

Click the trails below to see an interactive map with pictures and everything on Alltrails!

  1. Coon Hollow up Boulder Hill – 8.0 – 3/27/2021
  2. Dalton Lake – 6.9 – 4/3/2021
  3. Coon Hollow up Boulder Hill – 8.2 – 4/10/2021
  4. Sylvan Lake and Little Devil’s Tower – 5.5 – 4/17/2021 (But this was a HARD trail!)
  5. Taggart Lake Loop – Teton Natinoal Park – 5.5 – 4/24/2021 (Another very hard one, and the app stopped tracking for a bit so that is why it says 4.7 vs. 5.5)
  6. Horsethief to Mt. Rushmore View – 7.6 – 5/2/2021

Last modified: May 8, 2021

2 Responses to " Spring Hiking Challenge: Hike 6.5 Miles Per Week "

  1. Justa Realgrl says:

    What a great hike! We did Coon Hollow to Boulder Hill again, only this time we didn’t do the loop we doubled back. it was slightly longer and honestly, much prettier. Love this trail. No wildflowers yet but many, many chipmunks. Cutest things! We hike up Boulder Hill to have lunch with a view. Hard Rock Cafe, Boulder Hill 😉 Did 8 miles this go, so killed our 6.5 challenge. Hoping to add a short hike on Wednesdays too, so may need to up our challenge a bit!

  2. Justa Realgrl says:

    Missing out this weekend (Mother’s day weekend 5/8 and 5/9) because its raining. Normally that wouldn’t stop me, but I just had an expensive Keratin treatment done to my hair and I can’t get it wet! So there is that. The whole reason though is a bit more sad. My cat injured his back pretty badly and has been on pain medication and steroids for a week. I don’t know for sure what he did, but I am guessing involved wrastling on the cat tower with my OTHER cat who is younger and much more rough. Additionally, second cat decided he was not getting enough attention since first cat was injured and getting all the love, so he decided a great thing to do would be to swallow a needle. 🙂 Thus this is my weekend. Will get some extra miles in to make up!

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