Taggart Lake Loop, Grand Tetons National Park


How lucky am I? I got to spend my birthday in Yellowstone! The day before in the Grand Tetons! Was the weather perfect? No! It was snowy and cold and raining. Was the trip perfect? No! I mixed up checkout times and got called by the AirBnB very confused about why I had all my stuff in their cabin! Was the food great? Absolutely not. It was very hard to find gluten free food and I gained two pounds. So.. was this a pefect experience? YES! I had such a wonderful time and felt so very, very lucky.

We practiced social distancing from everyone. We stayed in a cabin where it was just us. We double masked and spent most of our time driving in the car except for this one hike. It was gorgeous. We saw a bear, quail, moose, elk, deer, antelope, and all kinds of small critters including actual ground squirrels. We got one good hike in the Tetons around Taggart Lake. There were Grizzly warnings everywhere and lots of the parks (Yellowstone and Tetons) had areas closed due to snow and grizzly activity. It was still a recharging and magical time and I will cherish my chance to say good bye.

Last modified: May 9, 2021

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