LISTEN! I found the BEST gluten free zero carb bread with no nut flours! Only 45 calories a slice, so 90 calories for a sandwich. I promise you, if you’re eating gluten free and/or Keto/low carb, you’ll love me for referring you to this bread. It’s AMAZING.

The bread: Scotty’s Everyday Bread Mix

Make the Zero Carb Bread

So yes, you have to make it but its pretty easy and WORTH IT. It takes about 2 hours to rise, but only 25 minutes to bake and it smells so good! It does need active yeast, which you can get at any grocery store or on Amazon. The only other ingredients you will need are olive oil and warm water. I love to use this super smooth vs. a robust olive oil. I bake this zero carb bread in a safe, Green Life loaf pan.

Add 2 1/4 tsp instant yeast to a glass bowl along with 1 1/4 cup warm water. Stir gently a couple seconds.
After 10 minutes or so, the yeast should be foamy and floaty and stuff. 🙂
Add two tablespoons olive oil to the yeast/water mixture.
Add the Scotty’s Everyday bread mix. Gently stir until the dry mix starts to get wet and sticky. Then fold, fold, fold! Scrape the bottom and sides. For 2 minutes. If you have a stand or hand mixer with a bread hook, use that!
Once it is done being mixed, it will be smooth and without lumps but VERY sticky. Make sure you stir enough as it will help it rise higher 🙂
Lightly oil a loaf pan with olive oil or spray. Then scrape the dough into it. It’s very sticky so you will need to use your spatula to kind of push it around to make it even. I like to shake the pan to even it out as much as possible.
That’s it! Now cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit for about 2 hours. It will RISE UP!
Once it has risen, you can if you like, smooth out the top with a spoon greased with olive oil. I don’t bother. Preheat the oven to 375 then bake for 25 minutes. You’re going to love the way your kitchen smells!

The Taste and Texture of this Zero Carb Bread

The taste is actually awesome. It doesn’t take JUST like bread, but pretty damn close. So far, I have used it to make sandwiches and toast. I am very happy with both. I am thinking about using it for a pizza crust, and trying some other baking with it. Let you know how that goes if I get around to it.

Texture is good. A bit more spring than normal bread, but very good. And for gluten free, 45 calorie, zero carb bread – I am willing to be a bit more tolerant 😉

Using Scotty’s Everyday Zero Carb Bread

You can use this zero carb bread just like you would any other bread. I tend to slice it up and put half in the freezer for making my toast and grilled cheese. I keep the other half for making un-grilled sandwiches.

Storing Your Bread

The first loaf I made, everything was great. The second loaf, I think I stored too quickly and perhaps it was not completely cooled. It molded after 3 days 🙁

I bought a cooling rack, which has been great for the brownies and other things I have been trying out. I also decided that with the bread mix costing a little bit, having it go bad was no good. Thus I got this farmhouse breadbox set which is very functional and is keeping my bread very nicely. It even comes with an organic bread bag! It took me a little bit to make this purchase as a) I am working on minimalism and b) I am hoping to soon be immigrating to Scotland. In the end, worth it. I will gift it to my daughter before I leave.

The Only Con I can think of

I don’t mind having to bake the bread, so the only negative part I can come up with is that it is pretty expensive. This is not something you’ll want to share with your non-gluten/keto friends too often. You can find it for about $12 a bag. I know it sounds like a lot, but trust me and give this nut free, carb free, gluten free bread a try. It has definitely made Keto Possible for me! If you want to read more about the dude who made this dream possible, check out this article.

What I have Made so far!

Do you have a special thing or product that makes keto possible for you? Love to hear about it in the comments!

Last modified: March 29, 2021

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